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Here are some of the puppets I've made over the years.

With the exception of the Rhino, these puppets all appeared at Imagination Stage, in Bethesda, MD.

The BFG. He would be 15 feet tall if he stood.

The evil Bloodbottler from The BFG.

Bloodbottler's cohort, Bonecruncher, from The BFG.

The terrifying monsters of The BFG.

At one point, these monsters came off the stage and into the audience looking for children to eat.

Giants aren't big on combs.

Fish, from Voyage of the Jumblies. Every character in the show wore a hat.

Birds from Voyage of the Jumblies. Some Characters were human, some were puppets with actors clearly visible operating them.

A turkey, who performs a marriage ceremony in Voyage of the Jumblies.


Bunnicula prowls the night, draining the life juices from produce. The search often ends at the refrigerator.

Bunnicula spends a lot of time out of his cage.

The Rhino from Circus Millennia's The Mysterious Staircase, here appearing at a party in a Washington, D.C. hotel. A small person can ride on the rhino's back. Those are real, live birds.
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